Erwin Alois Robert Leder
actor, director, musician, dancer, choreographer & painter.

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Born 1951 as son of Helen Cäcilie, nurse, and Erwin Waldemar, psychiatrist, in Sankt Pölten, grew up in Ybbs, a small town at the river Danube in Lower Austria, spent a happy childness in the rebuilding years after World War II, growing up in an apartment in the hospitalwhere his parents worked. So he came very early into a creative contact with the patients there lovingly introduced by his parents, what became very important for his later life.

At the age of 10 he began to paint and to learn piano, and at 15 he discovered his passion for dancing and playing drums. In 1971 he began to study medicine as well as drums &percussion, and to this day he playes BeBop, Funk & Fusion Jazz in various Jazz-bands.

1976 a serious desease caused him to break off his medical education, and upon his recovery he enrolled in the KRAUSS-school in Vienna where he studied to become an actor and a director; Shortly the reafter he had his film- and stage-début with 2 celebrated leading roles. Since then he has appeared in about 35 plays &130 film and television productions.

1977 married Maria Konturek,1979 daughter Kinga was born.

After his prominent role in the German hit film "DAS BOOT" (1982) he began to feel type cast, and his career as an all rounded-talented actor suffered. Maria devorced from him, but to support his family he worked as a waiter, taxi driver and computer consultant. Also, together with the writer Günther Zäuner he started to write and perform stand up comedy programs.

1982 he came to know Nikla Renata Nitsch and 1983 David joined world,

1985 his mother died while rehearsing the "devil" in Strawinsky´s "Tale Of A Soldier".

1987, while his film-carriere was picking up Strawinsiky was picked up again too and his daughter Rita was born.

1989 he won several international film awards in "EIS" and "LES POISSONS MORTS".

In 1990 he got member of the "ERSTES WIENER LESE- & STEGREIFTHEATER" – company, since that time he appears in many theatre-readings in Vienna, Berlin and Kassel.

1992 Kingas mother Maria died immediately and unexpected, first artificial contacts with Berlin.

1995 he was engaged in Viennese theatres and several international movies, then got engaged by Werner Masten in several TV-series to Berlin and everywhere in Germany till today. He founded "Earthship", a Fusion-Music-Band in Vienna.

1996 – 98 in the TV-series "OP ruft Dr. Bruckner" he played the pathologist Arno Seibt, and remembering his medical education he dedicated himself very engaged what brought a lot offun and joy to him, his collegues and fans .

1997 his father died, Nikla divorced from him, and "Earthship" dessolved; he planed and designed the first multi-cultural autobahn-theatre "TAB – Culture Rest". The directorscut of "TheBoat" celebrated premiere in Los Angeles, and in autumn he got the directorsboards head of the trade-union "film".

1999, July 27th, the Commission for the Resignation of the Righteous, the Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority "YAD VASHEM", decided to award his late father the title "Righteous Among the Nations" for his help to jews during the Holocaust. His name was added on to the honor wall in the Garden of the Righteous at Yad Vashem.

In 2000 he founded the "tsimmerbühne" in Berlin, with a stage in the living room of his apartment where he heldreadings, discussions, music events and stage-experiments. He produced, directed & starred in an adaption of Fjodor Dostojewskij´s "PhantasticStory" "THE DREAM OF A RIDICULOUS MAN" a bravura one-man performance that is still shown in Germany and Austria.

2001 brought "KRAGENKNOPF& UHRZEIGER" & "LEDERLICH VALENTIM" 2 solo evenings as an homage to the "most unforgetable comedian of German language" Karl Valentin.

2002 came "SPRINGCLEANING", a series of readings and discussions explores the content of mind, feeling and passion in horror-, erotic & philosophical literature, and "FREEDOM – a meditation of literature and philosophy on the nature of violence played in front of "humans behind locked doors". More and more he was engaged in playing theatre and comedies again.

February 2003 a terrible stage-accident temporarily finished engagements; so he engaged himself in writing, afterwards in readings, and from July to September he was joining stage again with "BEDBOUND" by Enda Walsh, where he played the father together with the fabulous actress Heidelinde Pfaffenbichler under direction of Nicolas Dabelstein. The American Gothic-Action-Movie "UNDERWORLD", where he played the Lycans scientist "SINGE", had premiere in Los Angeles and promptly landed in American charts place 1. The small role of a violinist in a Bavarian TV-play fascinated him that kind, that he´s seriousely continuing learning to play violine.